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Lash is the horse on the right in this photo. He is a 7 year old Clydesdale who came to us from Washington State. Lash weighs about 2,000 pounds. He is 18.1 hands (a hand is 4"). Lash eats about 50 pounds of hay a day and 10 pounds of grain / day. The Clydesdale breed began in Scotland, and today it is considered an endangered breed. There are less than 2,000 Clydesdale horses in the world today.

We call Lash the "drama king". He loves attention and is very curious. It took Lash a long time to learn how to pull the carriage, and he is most comfortable when paired with his brother Lou.
Lou is also a 7 year old Clydesdale, and he is the half brother of Lash. They were born 3 days apart, and have lived their entire life together. Lou learns things quickly and he is literally Lash's right-hand-man. Lou likes to be hitched on the right and even when the horses are standing in the field, Lou almost always stands to Lash's right.

Lou got his name because he has one blue eye. Lou has learned some tricks, and he's working on some new ones. It's pretty silly to see a Clydesdale fetching a cloth. Ask to see Lou do his tricks.
Hank is a 10 year old Clydesdale gelding. Hank was lead horse on a six and eight horse hitch before he came to our farm. Hank loves to work. He is always enthusiastic about going on a carriage ride and has to be encouraged to take it easy and just have fun.

Tilly is a 3 year old Clydesdale filly. She is just learning how to pull a wagon. She is friendly and loves to meet new people.