Midwest Equestrian Center

Columbus, Wisconsin

608 566.6000

Have you ever touched a Clydesdale?  Well these friendly, gentle horses love to meet people and give carriage rides. These beautiful Clydesdale horses will add style and class to your event. They are available for wedding carriage rides, Anniversaries, Architectural tours and parades.  Columbus Carriage House Bed & Breakfast guests can add an architectural tour carriage ride to their stay for only $80.

Birthday parties venues in our barn are also available.  Rent the barn for your birthday party. Parties include a wagon ride or pony rides for children.

Our recent events include a ceremony in Madison, Wisconsin for the homeless; a parade in Burlington Wisconsin, the VFW in Stoughton, Wisconsin.  We can travel to southern Wisconsin to your gig.

Call for more information - Nancy 608.566.6000
These beautiful Clydesdale horses are pictured in front of the Bed & Breakfast in Columbus, Wisconsin. Clydesdales are gentle giants, usually weighing over 2,000 pounds and stand over 6 feet tall at their shoulder. They eat approximately 50 pounds of hay and 6 pounds of grain a day. Their body temperature is similar to ours, so it takes a lot of hay to keep up their strength and energy.

The Clydedales are friendly and gentle, and love to meet people. They are safe in crowds and around children. Even though they are very large, Clydesdales seem to understand their size and move carefully around people.
A romantic carriage ride.